Sigma Terra Corps
Trad.melody: All Around My Hat
Words: Wolf von Witting 970315

   All around my con, there are roaming strange fellows
   And all around my con, for a weekend and a day!
   And if any one will ask me the reason for them being here
   They all like conventions, let'em be and have no fear!

Down in the darkest corner there lurks a peevish old fan
And nothing has he gained, but his own trufandom he lost
No friends to sing and be merry with, perchance occasion would arise
He's a false deluding old fan, let him go! Farewell be!

The young are ambitious, the young are full of energy
And many newfound fan, may not be everyones cup of tea
Wait and see them unfold, because - we don't have much prejudice
May be false deluding young fans, let them go! Farewell be!

Beware - a fan with beanie and badges of the most
Perhaps he's gone to outer space, and sense of reality lost
Dictating all that fannish is, well friends as far as I can see
He's a false deluding young fan, let him go! Farewell be!

Some fans go to Worldcons and some fans make fanmagazines
And some just really want to meet the hero of their dreams
And some pretend to be psychics too, but they're not very sensible
They're false deluding young fans, let them go! Farewell be!

Science Fiction is our passion, conventions are for everyone
And a lot of them I've been to, and many fanzines I've done
Fans can seem very reasonable, and some are inconspicuous
But they're false deluding young slans, let them go! Farewell be!

Dedicated to an old friend of mine whose benevolence I've lost.