Sigma Terra Corps
Trad.Irish "Fiddler's Green"
Words: Wolf von Witting  970724

Sit me down at me ol' television
For the sci-fi-show of the day
I'm taking a trip, lads, upon a spaceship, lads
And I'll see you somewhere beyond space and time

There's Red Dwarf whose crew had the saddest demise
Of course there is Voyager and Enterprise
I'm watching Space Precinct and then UFO
Cause old Gerry Anderson touches me so

The Prisoner is one of my favourite shows
And Star Trek which fast and continually grows
Soon will they have passed Dr.Who even though
The Doctor has seen 27 years through

There's Land of the Giants and there's Lost in Space
A Voyage to the Bottom of the Ocean I'll face
And Time Tunnel too Irwin Allen had made
The Invisible Man is beginning to fade

The Starman has been constantly on the run
And Gillian is cute, but the X-files no fun
And Babylon 5 hovers boldly in space
Will Flash Gordon soon save the whole human race

The Visitors lizards they came to invade
The Alien Nation thought they had it made
Will War of the World and some Robocop flicks
Can rip-offs from movie now do them the tricks?

Bionic and Six Million Dollar Man
Harve Bennett, his Time Trax, I see if I can
It's cheap and it's garbage, but hey what's the news
Rod Serling at Twilight Zone brings me to snooze

Survivors fight back when the going gets tough
And so did Blakes 7 when they had enough
The Daleks cry out "We obey, we obey!"
And listened what ol' Terry Nation would say