Sigma Terra Corps
Trad.Irish "Come to the Bower"
Words: Wolf von Witting 970722

We have girls tall and blonde, they're most beautiful and dary
We have moose on the loose and a tax rate that is scary
But the air will resound of our songs at the consite
And you don't need to sleep, cause the sun stays up all night
Will you come, will you, will you, will you come up to Stockholm

Our air fresh and clean and no traffic is intensive
We have booze, wine and beer and it's tasty but expensive
We can sing through the night, and again I'm all for it
So come see for yourself, if you really can afford it

Many men will admit that our country has its wonders
Though we got politicians, who are champions in blunders
But the fan in the street is a happy one forever
And we'd like you to meet him, so come if you are clever

We make cons every year, they are minor cons but cozy
You should investigate, so you're welcome to be nosy
We will see to your needs, lots of spots for exploring
So prepare for next year, and beware it wont be boring