Sigma Terra Corps
Trad.Irish "Mormon Braes"
Words: Wolf von Witting 970723

Trade a pound of human brains, our surgeons keep on learning
Trade a pound of human brains, and a Frankenstein's returning

You can transplant any body part and put them back together
The endresult is work of art, with a skin of chequered leather

Well, many a surgeon slipped and then he cut one piece to many
It's all the same, just change your name, from Jim or so to Jenny

Once we made a Hercules with muscles strong and glistening
But then I fear we forgot his ears and now he's never listening

We soon went out to hunt for brains, in this town should be many
But though we searched both high and low, we couldn't find just any

Imagine you'd be facing a cerebral amputation
Well I'm quite sure, It would be the cure for the leaders of our nation