Sigma Terra Corps
Melody Trad: "Midnight Special"
Words: Wolf von Witting 970314

When I wake up in the morning
See the twin suns shine
And I hear the Klingons roaring
They are no friends of mine
God, I wish I had a Tribble
That would scare Klingons away
But I know, I'd be in trouble
How I end up some day

Chorus: Then a Klingon bat'leth drains my life away (x3)
Then a Klingon bat'leth drains my useless life away

When I finally found a Tribble
Then I met with Billy Gates
And the Tribble started screeching
Like a Tribble when it hates
Let the Klingons wave their banner
They get quite good viewing rates
And they certainly have honour
Let them deal with Billy Gates

Chorus: Let a Klingon bat'leth drain his life away...

"Eehn tagh itch e chip tagh!"
Is a Vulcan/Klingon jive
No need to do it when you eat Gagh
Which is best served live
Gowron is a politician
And at that he is quite smart
Sometimes he joins into the battle
Not like Persson*, that old fart

Chorus: Let a Klingon bat'leth...

(* = exchangeable for Major, Clinton, Jeltsin or any other