Sigma Terra Corps
Music: Galway Races
Words: Wolf von Witting 970318

And as we came into London Town
To seek for recreation
On a Thursday at the Tun
In the month of January
There were multitudes assembled
From all different of places
And our friend there Bernie Peek
Introduced us to all faces.

Chorus: Thinking back on the bill
of the gathering on that day.

And we had to see the Tower
And of course the Trocadero
Where my friends spent lots of money
They were closing in on zero
Are computergames addictive
Then they must be complete junkies
They've got glued to every flipper too
Among the other monkeys.

We had beer at Royal Oak
And then went for something to eat
There was plenty (of) ground to cover
And a lot of fans to meet
I remember Pat McMurray
'Cause he acted rather cheery
He reminded me of someone
And he looked like Herbert Thiery.

And we covered lots of underground
Victoria, Central, Bakerloo,
I saw some pretty girls
But there was nothing I could do
When one smiled at me, I trembled
But I'm solid, when I can it
I spent my cash on videos
And on Forbidden Planet

And as we went back to Gatwick
Our hearts were filled with sorrow
There was so much more to see and do
Today is soon tomorrow
My computer has to pay for this
However unromantic
I think I never did this much
I'm writing really frantic