Sigma Terra Corps
Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Lookin' Out My Back Door"
Music: J.C.Fogerty
Words: Wolf von Witting 970314

Just got home from Betelgeuse
With a transgalactic cruise
3000 lightyears through the vast and empty void
Someone came to see me
A timelord, who might that be?
Who, who, who, none but the great Dr.Who

Who said we must make a con
With filksong that goes on and on
Gather slans together, read some vogonpoetry
Build a new foundation
The stars my destination
Who, who, who, sing with our dear Dr.Who

Skywalker and Gordon are playin' in his band
Miss Uhura too, singing "shoo-be-doo
take me to galactic zoo!"
Spock joins in on Vulcan harp
And Riff-Raff does the Time-Warp
Who, who, who sing with our dear Dr.Who

Facehugger'n'chestbusters are watching close his band
And when set on fire, they join in the choire
So fair, with clones of Barb Wire
Daleks cry exterminate
Face it, blobs, you're far too late
Who, who, who sing with our dear Dr.Who   x 2