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060530: [WEB] Picture pages updated with 20 pics for Nasacon 1-1980 & 7x4 pics from Nasacon IV - 1983. [Wolfram]
060528: [WEB] George Bobjörk appointed new web-editor.[Wolfram]
050514: [CLUB] Sigma TC's first US member is Nahalen T.R.Nasset in Kent Washington.
050511: [HATTRICK] Sigma TC completed Hattricks season 25 with 15 active teams.
050431: [WEB] On Mercer's Day added link to DARK GRIMOIRE on Index page. DG is a text based online fantasy adventure game.
041224: [WEB] Links page updated.
041222: [WEBLOG] The blog proves to be successful and most action is now transferred to this forum.
041209: [WEBLOG] Sigma TC proudly opens its own very first blog.
040707: [HATTRICK] STC HITCHHIKERS (Isaac Bobjörk) wins the first STC Hattrick (STeCH) Training Cup.
040606: [HATTRICK] Sigma TC completed Hattricks season 22 with 8 active teams.
040417: [WEB] Hattrick pages added to site.
030910: [WEB] Filksong pages updated with 42 new songs.
030901: [WEB] Staff page updated. Wolf is back as chair for 2003/2004.
021020: [EVENT] George Bobjörk new chair of Sigma TC (see staff page - all pics updated)!
021014: [WEB] Picture pages updated. Added "PRC Terra Korps & The Marsipan Chronicles".
021012: [WEB] "About" & "History" pages updated.
021011: [WEB] Artwork pages added.
021010: [WEB] Index page marsipans come to life.
020615: [EVENT] Sigma TC's first time Alvar (the prestigious SAAM-award of swedish sf-fandom) to Wolf von Witting
011117: [EVENT] Sigma TC 25th Anniversary held.
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