Sigma Terra Corps
Picture page (Nasacon 6)
Ahrvid takes a swing at the Meteorball[pic]
Dealers room[pic]
Justin Ackroyd from Australia[pic]
Watching the game from the balcony[pic]
Team Sverifandom and judge L-O Strandberg[pic]
Team Sigma TC[pic]
David Nessle, Tony Eriksson, Ahrvid, Leif Eriksson[pic]
Rayguns, rockets, giant ants and travels to Mars
The expert panel contemplates
This game is one meteor short of a shower[pic]
Annika, Danne, Anders Carlsson, Stefan Kayat, Staffan[pic]
George Bobjörk, reeltime engineer[pic]
Hyperion Flyers, NCC Champions 1987 (and 1999)[pic]