How do you find your way to the Nacka Conference Centre?

For people going by train or buses, make sure you go with the subway to "Slussen" from where you can use either the train called "Saltsjöbanan" to Saltsjö-Järla, or any of the buses numbering from 404 to 423. The buses and Saltsjöbanan are located next to eachother, so you can see if there is any train available, and if not, grab a bus with number 404-423 and you are off to the convention. If you arrive by train, you will end up exactly where the pink text is on bottom of the map below. If you go by bus, you will probably want to get off at the "Järla Station" pointed out on the enlarged map.
From there, it is just a couple of minutes to walk before you see the Conference Centre.

Those of you that come by car and live in Stockholm just drive towards Road 222 (Gustavsberg, Värmdö and of course Nacka) and then you will end up driving the bluemarked road shown on the map.
People arriving by car from outside of Stockholm should be arriving on the E4 that passes right through Stockholm from north to south, and there are signs that tell you how to get to Road 222 from the E4. The most peculiar thing about going from E4 to 222 is that you depart from the E4 on the left, so don't stick to the right side as usual when trying to get off a 3-lane road.

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