jUnicon 1999

June 18-20

In a collaboration between members from SFSF and Sigma TC, there will be a bigger Science Fiction convention in Stockholm that hopefully will attract visitors from the whole of Sweden.

Convention Hours:
The convention halls opens Friday at 17.00 hours, on the 18:th of May, and the programme will start at 18.00. Both Saturday and Sunday will open at 11.00. Saturdays programs will end at midnight and the last day ends at 17.00 (approximately)

We have arranged Nacka Conference Center for this convention. There we will have a larger hall that easily fits 200 persons, and two siderooms which will host parallel programmes, like the movie programme. There is a big open area by the entrance that will host the cafeteria, the bar and be the general meeting place for our guests.
A (rather large) map is available here together with instructions and a smaller version of just the map here.

Guests of Honor:
Martin Easterbrook has accepted and we can count on his participation in panels and discussions. Also, Bertil Mårtensson will be there for sure, and this writer of both SF and Fantasy will hold speeches and join panels. The third GoH is Hans Arnold which commits himself, an art exhibition, and hopefully the seldomly shown horrormovie "Fetknopparna".

More programme:
Apart from the GoH's, we have "go" on several of the panelists, such as: Jonas Ahlberg, Johan Anglemark, Ahrvid Engholm, John-Henri Holmberg, Mats D Linder and Hans Persson.
We will have panels and presentations about moral and ethics in SF, prehistoric aliens, medical SF, Baltic SF, the future cities, computers, food etc.
We will also have some short presentations of writers, and of course a big book auction. We'll be auctioning the best books from Kjell Borgströms collection and books that you bring along.
Some of the fannish programmes include a quiz and discussions about webpublishing vs. paperfanzines.

The Banquet:
No real convention goes without a banquet. Main course and desserts for only 100 SEK. (Liquids to the food isn't included) We would appreciate preorders for the banquet if you decide to eat with us, and if possible, prepayment to this SFSF-account (PG):
40 79 03-4
And don't forget to write your name and the text "jUnicon bankett" on the strip.
We expect GoH-speeches and award ceremonies during the banquet. People that are allergic to some foods can add the specific requirements on the strip when prepayment is made or contact Eva Norman at +46-8-7514481, mail: [email protected].

Convention Fee's and preregistrations:
200 SEK during 1998 (too late), 250 SEK upto May 1999, and 300 SEK at the entrance.
Preregistrations are made to the SFSF-account:
40 79 03-4 .

Convention staff:
Janne Alroth, Åsa Anderbalk, Tomas Cronholm, Carolina Gomez-Lagerlöf, Janne Johansson, Eva Norman, Monica Ringheim, Lars-Olov Strandberg, Wolf von Witting och Carl-Mikael Zetterling.

Need more info?
Tomas Cronholm is the official contact for this convention, so you can call, write or (please) e-mail to these addresses respectively:
08-965448, Rösjötorpsv. 3, 192 51 Sollentuna och [email protected].

Mail you ideas and suggestions to the Con-staff here.

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