About Sigma Terra Corps
About Sigma TC
is today the local science fiction-club in Nacka and Saltsjöbaden (Southeast Stockholm) founded on December 5th in 1976.

It began when a couple of German and Swedish sf-fans felt the need to get together, make fanzines and sf-conventions and more basic; to be with other sf-fans and have fun. This is still the general idea. At its peak, in 1982 Sigma TC and its German counterpart the SFC Terra Corps had over 200 members together. In recent years, we have rarely bothered to gather together more than 25 people. In essence, only the hands needed for running cons.

Our main activity through the years, has been running conventions (alone and in collaboration with other sf-associations). Among the conventions we've collaborated on are SWECON'83, SWECON'85, Junicon'99, Nasacon 2000, Fantastika 2001 and Stocon 2002. A complete listing of the conventions where we carried at least half of the weight is included under "Previous Conventions" on this site.
NaSaCon (Nacka-Saltsjöbadens SF-Convention) was our annual convention for 11 straight years. Among the guests were Swedish authors and publishers, such as Sam J Lundwall, John-Henri Holmberg and Jörgen Peterzen, artists such as Hans Arnold and Ralph Lundsten(electronic music) and many others who work with the genre. From 1997 on, our convention has become the SaltsjöCon.

The publishing of fanzines used to be a major part of cultural activity in and around sf-associations. In the late 70's and early 80's, as Sigma Terra Corps consisted of both German and Swedish sf-fans, many of our members engaged into this activity. Mari-Louise Ljungqvist of Sigma TC became the first female fan to publish a swedish sf-fanzine in 1979.
In Germany our clubzine PEACELORD reached issue 25. In Sweden TID & RYMD was last published with issue 20. Among the Sigma TC publishers we had George Bobjörk's 40th CENTURY CAT, Mats Lignell/Anders Pemer's FANNIBAL & ELEFANTEN and Wolf von Witting's COUNTERCLOCK.

So far, the one and only exhibition we had, was January 1987 in the local library in Fisksätra. But science fiction is not only literature and film. There is sf-inspired art and music. We will attempt to gather the artwork of our members on this website under the section "Artwork". This work may include not only drawings and paintings, but also photography and computer graphic.

Sigma TC has only one filker, Wolf von Witting (who basically is into everything), but early in 1979 when we became more active in Sweden, Ralph Lundsten (composer of electronic music) joined our ranks. In the 80's several excursions to his studio were made. He also created the "jingle" for our radio show in 1982, when Radio Sigma TC was broadcasting. Another musician in our ranks is Staffan Mossige-Norheim, who has written a lot of sf-inspired music and lyrics.

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